Social Innovations
Tropical Tuesday
What started three years ago as an idea has now grown to be a part of our Triple culture: Tropical Tuesday. An evening where we work on various projects, individual or in teams. The projects can be anything work related, like learning a new coding language, creating an iPhone or Android game, trying out newly released technologies or OS features, designing a new logo or working on a thesis. The atmosphere is informal and fun where we often play video games or have a soccer game on. This creates a social synergy where some of the best ideas thrive.

Tropical Tuesday was set up to create a time and place to work on your cool projects for which it is always hard to find time in your regular working hours. It is also a perfect place to learn because there are a lot of people with all sorts of expertise that can help out others, who are for example working on creating their first iOS app.

Besides that the evening itself is valuable. Social innovations like these are also important to create and keep cohesion within the company. Talking to each other outside your regular work and during dinner helps with getting to know your colleagues. It also supports personal development; to build on existing skillsets or develop new talents.

100th edition

A very special event was the celebration of the 100th Tropical Tuesday edition. Where everyone was invited to join us in playing all sorts of non-digital office games, like the Dutch game ‘sjoelen’, tropical juice pong, foosball and different types of building games with A4 paper, marshmallows and spaghetti. The evening was a grand success and everybody bonded together and had so much fun playing all these games.

Roland Keesom

Senior iOS Developer

"I love to interact with people and with interfaces to create innovative apps and concepts that are beautiful as well as technically brilliant."

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