ANWB selects Apigee API Management Platform -installed, hosted and maintained by Triple- to deliver digital services to its 4 million members.

Triple and ANWB are longterm partners. We host the ANWB website, which is one of the most visited websites of the Netherlands. It has more than 4 million unique visitors a year and around 800 million page views. Apigee, developer of an intelligent API platform for digital business, announced that the ANWB has selected the Apigee Edge API management platform to help it become a more modern, digital organization. Read the press release below.

Formed in 1883 as the Dutch bicyclists' club, ANWB is a large travel association in The Netherlands, similar to the American Automobile Association (AAA) in the U.S. It has over four million members spanning insurance, medical, leisure, legal and roadside assistance. The organization is leveraging the Apigee API platform as a key enabling technology to deliver digital services to its members and help it engage with the younger generation of Dutch citizens.

Scheduled to go live in 2016, the Apigee API platform will help enable a more flexible architecture for ANWB’s online and mobile activities; it will support the implementation of a single sign-on (SSO) solution, which should provide more flexibility for members to access the ANWB website. Apigee software will also help ANWB to expose its APIs for future third-party collaboration. The Apigee API management platform will be installed, hosted and maintained by Triple, on behalf of ANWB.

“Businesses need to constantly reinvent themselves to stay relevant to their customers, especially one that has been going strong for over 130 years,” said Sander Morreau – ICT manager at ANWB. “We recognized that becoming a digital business was vital to our future growth, helping us to attract and engage with the next generation by providing them with the apps and services that they demand.

“Today’s consumers expect to engage with brands in a way that fits with their own connected lifestyles; our latest report covering the UK found that 79 percent of UK businesses are seeing a fundamental shift in customer expectations due to digital growth,” said Ed Anuff, senior vice president of product strategy at Apigee. “To stay relevant in a rapidly shifting marketplace, businesses like ANWB are building digital platforms with Apigee to help them provide a more personal and convenient service to customers, while also building potential new revenue opportunities for the business.”

“Triple creates the strategies and concepts for digital solutions that enables clients to interact with their customers in new and relevant ways,” said Lennart van Wijk, managing director, Triple Cloud Solutions, a division of Triple. “Together we are helping transform brands into remarkable experiences, helping our clients develop a competitive advantage. It is our mission to develop leading products in leading businesses and our service has made us a trusted supplier for some of Holland’s leading brands like ANWB.”

“By working with Apigee and Triple, we’ll be able to digitize our offering and open up our APIs to deliver more personalized services to members, collaborate with third parties and also bring new services to market."

Sander Morreau ICT Manager at ANWB

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