New business models thanks to new platform

New business models thanks to new platform

Over het project

&C is the media company of Chantal Janzen. The magazine and digital platform were already successful content channels. We helped them grow further by integrating video, linking commerce and content, rolling out new business models and creating a completely new digital platform, resulting in a seamless user experience and more commercial opportunities for &C and its partners.


Strategy, UX/UI Design, Mobile Development, Website Development and Back-end Development


New platform launched in 2022

Content, commerce, marketplace

&C’s new platform offers both content and products. Conversion thus becomes a seamless part of the same customer journey as content. This offers &C all kinds of new opportunities for partnerships with other brands. In the old situation, collaborations were limited to content and branding. By integrating a Shopify link, partners can market their products directly through &C. The new marketplace model allows &C to sell their own products in the webshop. Discount promotions for &C members, content campaigns for new products, web store links in blog articles: the technology makes all kinds of business model innovations possible.

Full integration

Besides the integration of content and commerce, the integration of print and digital also played a role. How do you get maximum results from existing content with paid subscriptions and paywalls? What is the best way to present video to &C’s target audience? And how do you bring it together for higher conversions and successful new revenue streams? These were the kind of questions &C came to us with. The new digital platform, mobile and web, integrates the paper magazine with digital content and video for a natural feeling cross-channel experience.


This project was much more than just building a platform. &C had to make many choices in strategy and technology. We guided the entire journey, thus contributing ideas about setting up content management, choosing a CMS, collecting data, and improving conversion, customer lifetime value and retention. We transformed data into concrete insights. This enabled us to advise &C in a very targeted way and to help them on their way to more conversions, higher customer value and more revenue from brand partnerships.