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Effective business Intelligence and real-time analytics give you actionable insights that drive better decisions. Our Smart Data Platform helps you get to these insights quickly.

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Smart Data

Your data should make you smarter, not bog you down in technical issues. You want to spend your time working on achieving your goals, not on manually collecting data across organizations' silos. 

This hinges on two essential components. First, you need to thoroughly understand the underlying processes and rationale. Knowing exactly what you want and need allows you to select the right KPIs: the numbers that matter and that power your decision-making. The other component is the technology that makes all relevant data automatically available in a central location and automatically correlated. The technical skill and experience you need for this can be hard to recruit in today’s market. Our Smart Data Platform will get you up and running quickly. 

Business Intelligence and data storytelling

Structured, correlated data in our Smart Data Platform helps you build reports that clearly and comprehensively show your KPI's and goals. Easily interpretable for first-time users, but also built to let specialistsdrill down into deeper layers of data to get to the knowledge they need. We call this Data Storytelling. 

A Smart Data Platform facilitates this by bringing together all relevant data for your operation. It automatically ingests, processes, structures and correlates data from different sources. This forms a data lake that will eventually support machine learning. Real-Time Analytics schedule the retrieval of data from all sources according to your requirements. Timestamping transactions and mutations in your data platform ensures a safe and secure way to process real-time data.  

360-degree view

For an international hotelchain, we connected 15 systems to a Smart Data Platform in their Azure cloud. 

Booking engines, retail systems, customer feedback, social analytics: the platform makes any metric instantly available to the Business Intelligence department. As a result, each hotel and department now have a true 360-degree customer view. This allows them to always provide the best personal customer experience possible.