The personal chatbot

The personal chatbot your users will love

On your site, in your app or via any other channel, Wozzbot assists your users content and context aware! Securely linked to your systems, Wozzbot can offer insight, answer relevant questions and even perform transaction related tasks. His human colleagues (your employees) can free up their time to support users on more complex inquiries.

The smart chatbot

Wozzbot is your first line of customer support, 24/7. Linked to your systems Wozzbot can respond content and context aware and have a truly personal chat. Also, Wozzbot has a basic understanding of human emotions and can respond accordingly and when somehow your user and Wozzbot do not hit it off, Wozz will divert the conversation to a human colleague.

Creating a relevant chat framework and linking that to the proper backend systems and triggers is not something to be taken lightly. Because we want to make absolutely sure you get the most out of Wozzbot we perform the initial implementation. From the design of the personality via scope and supported journeys to copywriting and coding. We have got you covered! And once operational you can, at any time step in and create your own copy or supported journeys.


Sometimes 1 emoji says more than 1000 words, Wozzbot speaks “emoji"


Wozzbot has a basic understanding of human sentiment and can react accordingly.


All chats are saved, for future reference or analysis.


How many, when, how long, topic etc.

Multi Language

Mehrsprachiger and monikielinen


You’re not alone, we make it work for you!

Input format

Natural language and Multiple choice, whichever is appropriate

Chat dashboard

After initial implementation you’re in charge of your conversations

Vodafone chatbot

We noticed that every user has different needs when using the app. To solve these varying requirements we worked together with the team at Vodafone to create an advanced chatbot.

The chatbot helps every type of user stay in control of their costs and services and helps them prepare when traveling.
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