A cinematic video experience

It's all about the content

Videoland is Holland’s largest Video On Demand platform, with a heritage in brick & mortar stores. Looking toward the future, we reimagined their mobile apps from scratch.

With 4000+ films and series, content is Videoland’s strength. The design celebrates this with a complete focus on movie covers and large imagery, and efficient content filtering.

UX/VD Design, Mobile Development and Chromecast


Mobile Native Apps, Native TV app, Chromecast and for each platform design.

A lean-back experience

Nonchalant gesture-based browsing suits a relaxed viewing experience, while minimizing the number of clicks needed to get to content. Animation nuances, such as the detail page sliding open to reveal the player, add a cinematic touch.

Personalized viewing

Videoland’s users are as diverse as the content on offer. A recommendation engine, personal playlists, and a kids profile helps users of all shapes and sizes find what suits them.
"Content is what sets Videoland apart from its competitors. We celebrated this with a design that presents this content cinematically, while effortless, fluid interactions make the interface itself almost disappear."
Sebastiaan Pijnappel
UX designer
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