A cinematic video experience across all mobile platforms.

It's all about the content

Videoland is Holland’s largest Video On Demand platform, with a heritage in brick & mortar stores. Looking toward the future, we reimagined their mobile apps from scratch.
With 4000+ films and series, content is Videoland’s strength. The design celebrates this with complete focus on movie covers and large imagery, and efficient content filtering.
"Content is what sets Videoland apart from its competitors. We celebrated this with a design that presents this content cinematically, while effortless, fluid interactions make the interface itself almost disappear."
Sebastiaan Pijnappel
UX designer

A lean-back experience

Nonchalant gesture-based browsing suits a relaxed viewing experience, while minimising the number of clicks needed to get to content. Animation nuances, such as the detail page sliding open to reveal the player, add a cinematic touch.

Personalised viewing

Videoland’s users are as diverse as the content on offer. A recommendation engine, personal playlists, and a kids profile helps users of all shapes and sizes find what suits them.
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