Mobile app with 24/7 live streams of the reality serie Utopia

Utopia is a major reality show that follows a group of people over a year as they take on the challenge to establish their own society that needs to be build up from scratch. Started in the Netherlands in 2014, Utopia turned out to be an international succes. Utopia now runs in Germany and Turkey too.
The Utopia apps for iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 add an important element to the show that runs since 2014. While the daily TV broadcasts provide a short recap with highlights, the Utopia app allows its users to watch 24/7. Viewers can tune in live and experience Utopia from all angles, chat with other Utopians, watch the daily TV broadcasts and stay fully up-to-date with videos, pictures and the latest news. With six live streams, fans don't have to miss a moment and even get to control the two 360° cameras.