The latest broadcasts where and whenever you want


Triple provided the new smartphone and tablet app for RTL Telekids. A free app that allows you to watch the latest broadcast of programs by the children’s channel where and whenever you want.
RTL Nederland is market leader in the Dutch media landscape with television channels and a radio station. Their popular programs inform and entertain many viewers and listeners around the clock.


RTL Telekids is a platform where children independently can enjoy distinctive, inspiring and cheerful children’s content in a trusted environment. The app only contains children’s programs of RTL Telekids, as for example ‘Hello K3’, ‘Green-Kids’, ‘Bobo’ and ‘Brandweerman Sam’.
Using the app is simple. With a flick of a finger you browse through the list of RTL Telekids programs which were broadcasted recently. With one click on the episode of your choice you start the video. The app is also installed by default on the RTL Telekids tablet. This Android tablet is specifically developed for children and it is very durable.

Never miss it again

The programs can be watched for free seven days after broadcast on television. On iOS devices, you can watch TV episodes that were broadcasted more than seven days ago. For only €3.99 a month you have access to all the videos. If you follow the instructions on and log in to the app it will allow you to view all videos.
The child-friendly and safe RTL Telekids app with cheerful, instructive and non-violent programs are suitable for both Android as iOS. Downloading the app is possible via Google Play and the Apple App Store.
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