Team Gullit
World's first independent FIFA-academy

World's first

Talented FIFA-players had a difficult time breaking through internationally without being part of a professional football club. There is so much talent but such a small percentage was actually breaking through. That’s why we have created Team Gullit.
Team Gullit is the world’s first professional independent academy focused on the game FIFA. The team offers promising talents professional guidance and training to help them take their game to the next level so that they can become the stars of the next generation.

Unique concept

In an industry dominated by professional football clubs and esports organizations, Team Gullit is unique. It’s the first team in the esports scene to actually embrace a retired ‘legendary’ football player, bridging the gap between real sports and virtual sports.
Team Gullit combines its professional academy with casual content. This combination helps to promote Team Gullit and creates a community. Not just inside the ‘hardcore gaming’ world, but in a much broader audience as well.


The academy supports its talents through training and coaching to become a better player. In addition, it develops its own software tools to analyze and improve the gameplay of the talents on both strategic and tactical level. Team Gullit also guides its talents in dealing with social media and building their personal brand.
Our goal is to develop the talents in as many areas as possible, to make them ready for the next step. Since our start, we helped Dani Visser to become Dutch champion. Henrique Lempke reached the semi-finals of the Champions League and TOP8 of the World Cup and Olle Arbin qualified for multiple majors.
How do we do this


Learn from the best. Team Gullit gives its talents access to playing games against friendly pro’s. There’s no better way to enhance your gameplay. Besides, coaches help to improve their gameplay and strategy by analyzing matches played.


Team Gullit is the world’s first team that develops software to help players analyze their games, just like in normal football. This gives them the opportunity to take both their technical and strategic gameplay to the next level.


It’s all about experience in conquering the FIFA-esports world. Team Gullit represents its talents and gives them opportunities that they would’ve missed out on as an independent player.

"After the launch of Team Gullit, we gave FIFA-players the opportunity to sign up to become part of the academy. We received over 3.000 applications in the first week alone!"
Corné Dubelaar
Founder of Team Gullit
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