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Your smartphone will now host the most powerful tool to spot and grab high quality live TV. Live, in the moment and under your thumb. Be the first to share and safeguard your original content.


Watch live TV, pull out your phone and grab the moment.


Tap to select with scene recognition, perfectly frame accurate.


Instantly share to social platforms of your liking. Safeguard your original content.

More than 6,5 people reached

The perfect validation of SpotOn came when Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 in Barcelona. It literally took the Ziggo Sport editor less than twenty seconds to grab a perfect passing maneuver of Max Verstappen and to publish it on the Ziggo social channels. Within two days, the clip had reached over 6,5 million people on Twitter and Facebook.

300% rise total reach

While Ziggo Sport remained the original source, the content was republished over and over again by other media outlets. The social media channels of Ziggo Sport grew, the total reach rose more than 300% and grew organically with thousands of followers each time new content was posted.
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