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SpotOn is a cloud-based video clipping tool used by lots of different customers, but mainly broadcasters (both commercial and local; both radio and tv) sports clubs and media production companies. From any place, editors are able to share clips of their live video content in a few seconds to all their social media channels and platforms.
Anywhere, anytime. With a major advantage in usability, sharing high-quality content with SpotOn is quick and easy. Start creating spoilers instead of flashbacks and become the source of all sources. This way you will remain the sole owner of the content.


When the ball hits the net, or the news hits the air; you want your audiences to hear about it from you first. With SpotOn you can view your livestreams as they’re coming in and quickly find moments that happend seconds or days ago. Spot, and create clips up to 60 minutes.


You are in charge of your own live content; grab the clips you need, edit them exactly to your likings and personalize each clip the way you want. All of this with just a few clicks in our easy to understand interface. Make hours of content while saving hours of time.


Engage (new) online audiences by easily making your content available on any platform. Share to all your social media channels, export to your local PC, FTP or through an API, as a video or audio file. Ensuring they can enjoy your highlights and tune in the next time you're live.

Reached 6,5 million people reached

The perfect validation of SpotOn came when Max Verstappen won the Formula 1 in Barcelona. It literally took the Ziggo Sport editor less than twenty seconds to grab a perfect passing maneuver of Max Verstappen and to publish it on the Ziggo social channels. Within two days, the clip had reached over 6,5 million people on Twitter and Facebook.

300% rise total reach

While Ziggo Sport remained the original source, the content was republished over and over again by other media outlets. The social media channels of Ziggo Sport grew, the total reach rose more than 300% and grew organically with thousands of followers each time new content was posted.
“With SpotOn we produce more short-form content from full games and we can do this more effectively and efficiently"
Henk van Niekerk
Some of our happy users
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