Revolutionary training platform in virtual reality

Beyond Cycling

Specialized is one of the most prestigious race bicycle builders in the world. They support their own team and gave us the challenge to create a training platform that would enable them to built custom courses in Virtual Reality.
This gave them the opportunity to train in an easy and accessible way, without having to travel to the location. What we did was use our experience with virtual reality training (Beyond Sports) and apply that to the Specialized case. The result was an immersive and accessible training platform for pro-cyclists where they can practice Unity built 3D courses in Virtual Reality.
“The brand Specialized is working on a new digital revolution. It distinguishes itself from its competitors by using experience and knowledge in technology. Virtual reality enables the visualization of Specialized’s big data storage and is an essential factor in this revolution.”
Berend Jutte
Data Scientist

Smart gestures

Because riding a bike and using controllers usually isn’t the most practical combination, we’ve developed a smart interface where users select options and functions by only using their gaze.
This was a nice challenge since user experience in virtual reality is completely different from, for example, a mobile user experience, let alone an entire interface navigated by head-tracking.

It’s like riding a bike but different

Each course is divided into sections and all these sections are separately accessible. So this gives users the choice to ride the full course or to ‘specialize’ on preferred details and, for example, train on individual difficulties. Of course, we’ve been testing the platform extensively.
One of those is the Specialized's Boels – Dolmans cycling team (three times world champions). They’ve won the World Championship in Doha for the fourth time, the circuit that they had been so excessively training on in virtual reality.
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