Radio 538

Redesign for Radio 538

The apps for Radio 538 received an interface redesign, expanded to Windows Phone 8 and are enriched with a powerful new streaming platform to enable an interactive, visual radio experience.
The mobile apps created for 538 bring the latest news, live audio streams for the various 538 radio channels and introduce visual radio with the studio webcam and related (music) videos. Moreover, the video player is enriched with contextual information about the music played and powers clickable video content for users to download the song instantly. Enabling new forms of product placement and promotional stunts, that will be used in upcoming campaigns.
The design and technical solution for the video player both originate from Vinson, specialized in mobile OTT television. We ensure solid HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) platforms for audio/video, and created a custom encoding solution together with Mobile Viewpoint to add triggers and interactive information to the video presented. The unique triggers with metadata are added on frame level in the encoder to display highly specific information and clickable overlays for different purposes.