A mobile ticket into the world of Q-dance

A mobile ticket into the world of Q-dance

About the project

Q-dance is a leading platform for hardstyle dance music, and home to renowned festivals like Defqon.1. Triple developed the Q-dance app; a community platform servicing fans with news, ticket sales, live music streams, radio shows, aftermovies, personalized timetables, and much, much more. During Q-dance parties, a special ‘live mode’ ensures visitors have the ultimate hardstyle festival experience - even when they visit from home.


Mobile Development and Back-end Development


Mobile Native Apps, Live Mode released in 2018.

Online- and offline features

The Q-dance app has been developed natively (iOS and Android), with special attention to festival features.

Live video and audio streaming takes centre stage, as well as timetable updates and up-to-date festival maps - even when the internet connection drops.

Offline functionalities secure the latest information, enabling visitors to enjoy the festival without worrying about outdated maps.

Premium experience

Q-dance’s home crowd is a sizable one: the Defqon.1 2019 festival live streams were watched a staggering 5,5 million times within the app. Everything was broadcast in crisp 4K HDR, with next to no delay, adding to the experience of hardcore fans from around the world.

A small number of users even paid a few euros through the app in order to watch the premium livestreams which proves the success and quality of the app and content.

Our fans log on to see stuff happen, when it happens, so our app needs to run at 150 beats per minute. This also means significant volumes in terms of traffic, from all over the world, and all the worries that entails. Triple definitely delivered.
Michael Guntelaar CTO/CDO Q-Dance