Push notification service

Nudge is a push notification service running in the cloud. Use it to easily send push messages to mobile devices. Nudge enables you to support notifications for multiple platforms, using a simple and secure web interface. While each notification service provider has its own quirks that you have to deal with when implementing push messaging by yourself, Nudge handles this complexity for you.

After configuring the different credentials for the various push services in the CMS, you are ready to use Nudge. The SDK makes it possible to send push notifications with only two lines of code.

The CMS provides usage information as well as a test area to verify your credentials and experiment with the different possibilities of the iOS (APNS), Android (GCM), Windows Phone (MPNS) and Windows (WNS) push providers. 

Nudge Documentation

Available Packages

  Free Gold Platinum
Devices Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Amount of projects 1 25 Unlimited
Monthly push bundle 50.000 pushes 1.000.000 pushes 5.000.000 pushes
Exceed bundle No Yes Yes
Price per push outside bundle N.a. € 0.0005 € 0.0004
CMS access Yes Yes Yes
Statistics Yes Yes Yes
Notification on APNS certificate expiration Yes Yes Yes
API access Yes Yes Yes
SDK Yes Yes Yes
Support No Yes Yes
Price Completely free € 250,- per month € 500,- per month