NLZIET is the online service of Dutch broadcasters that provides non-stop tv, commercial-free. The streaming service brings the best of all channels straight to your preferred device and lets you see your favorite tv content in high quality; anytime and anywhere. NLZIET gives access to more than 34 Dutch tv-channels and is available in The Netherlands and Europe.

NLZIET gives you easy access to content of NPO, RTL, KIJK and various regional broadcasters by uniting these broadcasters within one platform. The subscription-based service of NLZIET enables users to watch the most complete and current Dutch TV offering online: both on-demand and live. By combining both, NLZIET created a service that fits perfectly in the media consumption of the new generation.

UX/UI Design, Mobile Development and Web development


Mobile Native Apps, Website, Android TV, tvOS (Awarded by iCulture for best tvOS of 2018), Chromecast and FireTV.

Custom Frameworks

The streaming platform stands for convenience and flexibility. We’ve translated this into a modern and user-friendly interface, which is optimized for the various devices, that brings you the ease of watching your favorite content whenever and wherever you want. With the TV guide, users can easily browse through available content, watch live broadcast or can replay content up to 7 days ago. The favorite option lets you keep your preferred content in your private collections so you are notified as new episodes are available.
Through our acquired knowledge in streaming platforms we were able to introduce a custom video player. By using the strength of the existing native players, we could develop a custom framework for each platform. NLZIET uses several video types (such as video or live streaming) with DRM protected video playouts, all with individual features and therefore is more complex than any other streaming video platform.

Taking that extra step, together

We began working together with NLZIET when the development of the mobile applications started in 2014. Over the years we’ve created a strong co-creation relationship in which our dedicated team, consisting of 10 developers, designers and testers, all experienced in media applications, is involved in every step of the NLZIET roadmap. Apart from the custom video player that we’ve introduced on the platform, our team keeps a close eye on video analytics to see how we can improve the performance of the platform.
Through brainstorm sessions and annual innovation presentations, NLZIET gives our focused team the freedom to propose new features and improvements for the platform, taking that extra step to bring the product to a higher level.
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