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News outlets NH Nieuws and AT5 expressed a wish to distribute their content in different ways from before. Triple, in close cooperation with NH Nieuws and AT5 editors, developed two news platforms for them that not only follow the news cycle, but also the consumption patterns of the end-user.

In the morning the platforms offer mostly short items, with ‘snackable’ videos gaining prominence around mid-day, and long-reads taking over in the afternoon and evening, keeping content output in step with users’ needs throughout the day.

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Fresh news feeds

The new setup is beneficial for news editors, too. A set of media content blocks allows them to quickly respond to news, and in a format that befits the content. A variety in content blocks helps to keep the news feed fresh for the user, keeping the news feed in line with users’ preferences all the time.

One code base

The platforms run on web and native on iOS and Android. Both platforms have two distinct styles, to enhance the client’s brands, but share a single codebase, utilizing the popular React framework. This gave our developers the best possible foundation to build dynamic, JavaScript-driven platforms that thrive on a high level of code reuse, and also on a very limited risk for bugs, due to the small codebase.
“Triple developed the platforms in conjunction with our editors, and truly listened to their wishes and needs. This not only leads to a modern approach to news dissemination but also made the life of our editors a little easier: they publish their stories after simply selecting one of several clearly-defined content blocks.”
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