My Vodafone

A universe based around you

Our longtime partner Vodafone asked us to reinvent the user experience for their mobile self-care app: My Vodafone. It’s where users manage their usage and bills, and turn to for support.
Moreover it’s where a large part of the brand story is told and experienced. We created a bold and playful design that increases the self care capabilities of the mobile customer.
Customer experience as a differentiator

We believe the Vodafone mobile self-care experience should put a smile on people’s faces. Why? Because with 2+ million users, it is an essential responsibility. Moreover, in a world where consumers see past sleek advertising and expect brands to walk the walk, customer experience has become the main differentiator.

Within its first year, the mobile app has become Vodafone’s main touchpoint with its customers.
Contextual customer service

Placing the user at the center (literally), functionalities revolve around you. Tips on data usage appear only when relevant, helping people avoid unexpected costs, while also steeply increasing in-app traffic to data plan upgrades.

24/7 chat support means customers are never lost for help, while minimising strain on call centers. We see the app as a digital personality; one that’s helpful, playful and human.
A dynamic world

Every Vodafone customer is different. That's why we created a dynamic app environment. Nearly every aspect of the application can be controlled from our backend solution that controls which categories are shown to each customer, and new features can be added without an update to the application. This means we never have to bore customers with functionalities that aren’t relevant to them.

"We set up a dynamic world, easily adjustable from the backend. This allows us to cater the app to any use case; no app update required.”

Daan Zonneveld Technical Architect
Transforming business

The radical shift towards playful and customer-centric thinking introduced to Vodafone through the new self-care environment, requires a company wide culture shift in order to have longevity and grow.
Through continued close cooperation with Vodafone, we gradually introduce their commercial and other departments to design thinking, and to the opportunities of the latest digital developments. Building together on the digital transformation.

My Vodafone

The new My Vodafone application is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.