My Vodafone
Always in control of your monthly costs.

Always in control

Vodafone is one of the largest telecom providers in the Netherlands. To help their customers get the most out of their subscriptions we’ve been closely working together for more than five years on the My Vodafone self-service app.

From checking your data allowance to paying your bills, to chatting with customer support. With the My Vodafone self-service app, we set out to give Vodafone customers full control over their services in the easiest way possible.

UX/UI Design, Mobile Development, Back-end Development and Chatbot Development


Mobile Native Apps first release in 2012, Chatbot released in 2016.

Contextual notifications

We present the most important information directly to the user through an advanced notification system. Our custom backend calculates the most relevant information for the logged-in user.
This saves users time and lets them enjoy their Vodafone services as much as possible. By looking at the user’s data allowance, date, contract information, location and many other factors we are able to present relevant information which leads to a better user experience and higher conversions.
“The My Vodafone app is built around a flexible and powerful backend. This approach allows us to adapt the app to different users and usecases, and allows us to add new features and bugfixes without requiring an app update.”
Daan Zonneveld
Backend Architect

Built on a solid foundation

Both the iOS and Android apps have been rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on a modern and stable codebase. The iOS app is written almost entirely in Swift and makes use of several internal frameworks linked together through FRP.
The mobile apps work closely together with our custom backend that allows us to adjust nearly every aspect of the app without requiring an app update. This way we can adjust the app interface for every type of customer and usecase.


We noticed that every user has different needs when using the app. To solve these varying requirements we worked together with the team at Vodafone to create an advanced chatbot.

The chatbot helps every type of user stay in control of their costs and services and helps them prepare when traveling.
“With the new chatbot functionality we’re able to create customized experiences that feel engaging and that adapt to the customer’s skill level and need for information.”
Tom van der Spek
iOS Developer
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