Mobile Viewpoint
Stream, edit, and share live. From any device, to any platform.

Mobile Viewpoint

Mobile Viewpoint is a spin-off Triple company. We offer portable and fixed encoding devices that enable fast and reliable video contribution with just a click of a button. Together with our LinkMatrix webplatform, you can publish a video feed directly to Facebook and Youtube, at the same time.
The LinkMatrix allows you to create playlists and switch live, turning Facebook and Youtube into a full broadcast channel. Mobile Viewpoint supports the latest H.265 video encoding technology which enables the high quality, low bandwidth video using our award-winning 3G-4G bonding technology.

What we do

Mobile Viewpoint offers easy-to-operate, lightweight devices that meet the requirements for today's live video capture demand. All our encoders utilize bonded IP networks, including 3G and 4G cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, BGAN and satellite. Applications range from backpack solutions to news vans or smartphones.

Our portfolio

Our products include decoders and a web-based management tool we call LinkMatrix. LinkMatrix gets your content directly to any destination you desire, be it your broadcast facility or social media platform. Manage and monitor all devices centrally in a few clicks.
“Extensive testing of all the major brands showed that the Mobile Viewpoint range best matched our newsgathering requirements. Their willingness and ability to write custom software enhance our user experience and matches our unique conditions. This is the technology whose time has come.”
Ian Brash
Technical Manager Sky Sports News
Our cases
Live, edit, share and stream live. From any device, to any platform.


Using 200 encoders in the field, BBC has fully adopted Mobile Viewpoint products for their newsgathering operations worldwide. Most notably, the entire Olympic Torch Relay was successfully streamed live in 2012.


For great live coverage of a major Dutch cycling competition, Eurosport used several of our products to get images from 2 motorbikes and a helicopter to create a beautiful live stream at 8mbps.

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