Mixed Reality by Max
Dutch Grand Prix

Meaningful partnership

What if the real Dutch Grand Prix is not there yet? Let’s create our own then! That was the thought of Software company Exact and Max Verstappen, the biggest sporting icon in The Netherlands.

Max Verstappen and his partner Exact were looking for a story about their shared values. How do you find the similarities between the most exciting young Formula 1 driver in the world and a software company?

Exact wanted to empathize itself as a Tech Curious brand that is always looking for ways to innovate which corresponds with Max his natural instincts as a Formula 1 driver to keep pushing the limits. Together they decided to take driving a Formula 1 car in a simulator a step further by incorporating Virtual Reality.
This campaign lets that symbiosis in a natural way and ensures that the brand values for both parties. The concept is designed around the use of an innovative technique called Mixed Reality, which blends the real world and Virtual Reality to create a new reality. This combination gave Max and the viewer a real-life experience from Max his point of view while driving on a Formula 1 track.

Unique content

To make it even more special Triple decided to create a brand new in-game Formula 1 Grand Prix in The Netherlands. The custom Formula 1 circuit for the Exact Dutch Grand Prix was created from scratch using the actual surroundings of the Exact Headquarters in Delft and was revealed in episode eight and nine of the Mixed Reality by Max series.

After designing The Exact Dutch Grand Prix circuit in Virtual Reality, it was presented as a surprise challenge for Max to drive for the first time in front of a live audience of over 5.600 people at the Exact Live event.

Employees of Exact had driven the track at their main office the week before and Max had to beat the fastest lap recorded by the employees. Off course, he succeeded in this.
To raise awareness for this unique event and introduce Mixed Reality, a video series consisting of 9 episodes were created, that was published on Max his personal digital channels throughout the year. The series covered various aspects. Episode one explained how the concept was created, episode six and seven got more into detail of the partnership between Exact and Max. In episodes two, three, four, five and seven different circuits from the F1 calendar were driven in Mixed Reality and were personally explained by Max. These episodes worked towards the big moment: the Exact GP. Shot 2018-06-12 at 09.17.23.png

New technology

The Mixed Reality concept has been applied in a series of nine episodes. This technology was applied by combining a green screen recording with computer graphics recorded with the Oculus Rift. Because a GoPro had been mounted on the helmet of Max, that films his hands and the steering wheel, a perfect match move was created; a link between the virtual and the real world.

Used Media

The video series was distributed on the social channels of Exact and Max Verstappen. Both partners published the video’s on their Facebook, YouTube and Twitter accounts. After the ninth episode was aired, fans could watch all episodes on As mentioned before, the video series, and especially the Dutch GP episodes, were promoted during Exact Live. Shot 2018-06-12 at 09.15.46.png

Campaign Strategy

The strategy of the video campaign is to present the partnership between Exact and Max Verstappen in an authentic way, to generate awareness about Exact among a target group that wasn’t familiar with the software company. We created engaging content that appeals to the fans of Max, the social followers of Exact and the current staff of the software company.

In the week before the Exact Live event we the game environment was uploaded. Employees of Exact were challenged to drive the Exact GP. We chose to focus on the Exact employees challenging Max on “their playground” instead of the other way around. During Exact Live, Max was surprised with the new circuit and was challenged to prove himself as an ambassador.


All nine episodes combined reached more than 1 million views, with a total of 760.000 unique views.

More than 5.000 visitors watched Max driving the Exact GP for the first time live during Exact Live.