Super easy and super quick integration in complex environments

More features. More service. More player.

Protecting, distributing, displaying and monetizing video-content is in our DNA, that's why we understand how to create a great videoplayer and what takes to intergrate it on your platform.

“The challenge was to get the player Comscore certified within a week, we were able to work alongside the developers at RTL to support them to make the release deadline in time. It felt as a great accomplishment when we were able to get the player intergrated and certified before the deadline and we able to transition all their websites to Meisterplayer without any noticeable hiccup’s.”

Franklin Waller Developer

We support it all

Meisterplayer is a high service HTML5 web-player capable of playing DASH, Smooth, HLS, MP4 (h264/AAC), MP3 (single file, ShoutCast, IceCast), AAC, OGG-content. We have DRM-support for FairPlay, Widevine and PlayReady.

Personalise your player

Meisterplayer's plugin structure allows you to just use the features you need in order to keep your player fast, lean and mean. No resources are wasted on functionality you are not using.


All features are available as plugins; just select the ones you need.


Supports MP3, MP4, WebM, OGG, DASH and HLS streams. and Smooth!


We support several DRM flavours: PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay.

We exist for service

We have created a lot of plugins ready for you to use or you can develop your own plugins to suit your needs. At Meisterplayer we exist for service.
That’s why we offer an affordable HTML5 player that comes with lots of features, is extremely user-friendly and helps you to efficiently distribute, manage and monetize your video content.