Taking brand and experience into the future

A proactive platform

With 8 million monthly active users, Marktplaats is Holland’s largest second-hand marketplace. Going into the future, Marktplaats’ ambition is to go from being a passive platform, to proactively helping users buy and sell.
Triple helped Marktplaats to figure out how to fulfill their ambitions by fundamentally rethinking their digital experience. Seamlessly weaving together the existing interface with conversational UI, we created a buying and selling experience that is helpful, reassuring and fun.

Your digital Martkplaats buddy

Despite the hype, chatbots are easy to get wrong. We meticulously crafted copy and functionalities to be helpful without being intrusive, and personal without being creepy.
Selling your PlayStation? The chatbot will suggest a good price. Not finding buyers and feeling a little unsure? The chat will help improve your ad step by step. Sold? Your digital chat buddy will make you feel even better by showing that you've got a better deal than most.
We built on our experience with chatbots to navigate the fine line between winning users’ trust by being helpful and losing trust by being too intrusive.
Senior UX Designer & Concept Developer

Tried and tested

Being Marktplaats’ first foray into chatbots, getting users and stakeholders on board was key. Intense cooperation with the client ensured a company-wide sense of ownership.
Teaming up with Valspat, we put UI prototypes in the hands of users to test the bottom line: does this stuff actually help users and make them smile? The answer was a resounding “yes”. The project helped to formulate new brand values, and lay the foundations for Marktplaats’ digital strategy for the coming years.
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