Snackable videos for Netherlands' largest women's magazine

Curated video platform

LINDA, Holland’s largest woman’s magazine, decided it was time to take a leap into the digital. is a curated video platform, offering a daily selection of 24 video bites that every woman has to see to get up to speed with the latest gossip. Triple took on the design and development of the mobile app and responsive website.
The design is unapologetically simple, offering a super quick and easy video-snacking experience. Hit “play” on the first video you see when opening the app, and within ten minutes you’ll be ready for all of today’s water cooler gossip.
"We leveraged the stark aesthetic of LINDA magazine to create a design that offers a clean and simple video snacking experience."
Sebastiaan Pijnappel
UX designer

Easy and Playful presents videos in a stark and clean aesthetic. Subtle animations draw the eye to where the feed jumps to the previous day while adding a touch of playfulness. Navigation is gesture-based for one-handed use.
To streamline the video curation process,'s editors use our SpotOn tool. SpotOn listens to ambient sound to recognize what you are watching and then fetches the corresponding video snippet.

Concept & Design

Triple helped to build the idea of the new app and crafted a design that works in visual unison with LINDA magazine to create a consistent experience.

Development has been developed for the two biggest mobile markets: iOS and Android. But since we want everyone to join in, there is a responsive website too.


With the use of analytical tools, Triple continuously optimizes the app and website. We also look ahead to the media landscape to keep functionalities relevant.

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