Speed skating through the eyes of the athletes

Helping the sport survive

With career prospects for professional ice skaters dwindling, and the fan population aging, the world of ice skating is ready for an overhaul. Justlease came to us with a twofold challenge:
Create positive change in the world of ice skating and boost brand awareness and fan engagement for participating brands. We then set out to build the go-to mobile platform for ice skating, bringing fresh content and original fan engagement together in an Android and iOS app.
If the sport of speed skating is to survive the next decade, it needs new ways of engaging fans, and content that appeals to younger audiences. With IJsmeesters we combined technology and design to bring just that.
Senior UX Designer

Up-close and personal content

What sets IJsmeesters apart from anything out there, is that the core of the content creation team is formed by an ex-speed skater and passionate documentary maker.
The result is beautiful content that takes fans up-close and personal with Holland’s foremost skaters. The content is presented on a feed, together with the skaters’ own social content, and other speed skating news. This makes for a unique offering that brings users close to the sport.

Fan engagement 2.0

IJsmeesters features a unique platform for fan engagement that sends users on a quest to find and collect speed skating pictures. They come in the form of scannable tokens (or “IJsblokjes”) hidden at events, in digital content, in partnering shops, or any location imaginable. With limited edition pictures, prizes, and trading amongst participants, it’s like the good old panini cards brought into the digital age.
Partnering brands and speed skating teams can take part in the experience to create brand exposure while creating value for users. The system was realised using our proprietary technology called Zhoof.
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