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High Quality Hosting of Website and Applications


Heineken Nederland requested a web hosting service model that enabled high-quality hosting of their online websites and applications. Triple delivered an innovative hosting solution with the ability to execute towards internal stakeholders while reducing cost.





New online setting

Since 2009, Triple hosts Heineken’s campaigns and delivers managed services that cover Heineken’s requests. We provide a stable and high-quality hosted environment for all online happenings like The Sub and Heineken Serenade applications. Triple delivered an innovative hosting solution with the ability to execute towards internal stakeholders while reducing cost.

For both the Dutch firm, as for Heineken International, we came up with a proven solution that moved all websites from the old server to the new server. During this migration, a significant merge has been accomplished by scanning all websites and bringing them together in one cluster. By standardizing the environment, Heineken’s online flexibility and speed improved. The new online setting enables maximum usage of components like monitoring, FTP- and SMTP-servers.

Dedicated Client Support Team

A dedicated client support team comes with the package including a committed single point of contact to keep the communication smooth. With live support, an adequate follow-up is ensured!

Triple plays an advising role and helps thinking along in terms of capacity management. As an all-in-one point of contact, a significant TCO reduction is accomplished, increasing the efficiency of the company.

Heineken can actively create more campaigns in their efficient online environment so more clients are reached. We proved to be an all-around partner, providing managing services as well as help reducing costs. Heineken can focus on what they do best: brew beer and be an online-driven company with the reassurance that we take good care of their online business.

Heineken case Triple flesjes
Heineken case Triple flesjes


Heineken’s Serenade application was built by a Swedish company in a non-scalable way. To give the campaign more flexibility, we rebuild the backend on .Net within Microsoft Azure so it could handle a high-traffic of visitors.

With the Serenade campaign, people could create their own movie invitation for a friend or lover, which was sent to Facebook. The receiver could reply to the video and agree to see a movie together. The Serenade campaign was active in around 20 countries.

Heineken and Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying and managing applications and services. Triple is a frontrunner in the Netherlands in applying the Azure cloud, for example on our hosting solution for Heineken.

Azure offers the possibility to scale up and down when needed, thereby giving a piece of extra flexibility in case of big events or campaigns.