FOX Sports
Digital translation of broadcast design

Home of Dutch football

In the Netherlands, FOX Sports brings its audience 6 premium TV channels and a digital experience of live top soccer from the Eredivisie, Keuken Kampioen Divisie, TOTO KNVB Beker, Bundesliga, UEFA Europa League and other international top sports leagues.
Within the apps, FOX Sports reaches out to sports fans in the Netherlands offering live streams, scores, attractive videos, news and interactivity.

Digital Translation

Based on a style guide established by a third party, Triple created a digital translation for use in native applications as well as on web platforms. The aim was to create a style in which user-friendliness was top priority but still breathing the branding of FOX Sports.
Based on the digital translation, Triple made the designs for the iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast receiver, Smart TV app and several FOX Sports websites such as

Native App Development

The native iOS- and Android apps are API based and have been developed for phone and tablet devices and Apple TV. The Android app is a healthy mix of Java and Kotlin and features a Realm database for local storage.
The iOS app has a shared codebase for iOS and tvOS. The iPhone and iPad app contain a widget with a live scoreboard and a widget with the latest news. The Chromecast receiver features our Meisterplayer and uses the latest CAF framework.
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