Dance Dance Dance
Challenge your friends in a dance battle

Dance Dance Dance

At the request of Talpa, we created the iOS and Android app for the TV program Dance Dance Dance.
During this program, the couples compete to put on the best dance act. By using the latest technologies such as video mapping and Augmented Reality, the sensation is ensured at all performances. Dance Dance.png

Join the adventure

During Dance Dance Dance, five Dutch celebrities and their partner, family member or colleague join this dance adventure with the goal to put on a spectacular dance show in the end.

With the app, users can watch the broadcast live and follow the news about the dancers closely. Users can dance along with the program by recording their own. Besides that, you can record your own freestyle dance and challenge your friends to dance along.
The app also offers the 'Timor Thuis Challenge'. Participants have a chance to win fantastic prizes including a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Users who participate every week have a chance of winning the ultimate prize: a dance clinic with Timor in Los Angeles.
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