Up to date on the latest forecast right from your wrist

The Buienradar app lets you see the weather forecast in a glimpse and is one of the first Dutch apps to be compatible with the Apple Watch from day one.

The Buienradar app shows the weather forecast based on your location. Due to the smaller screen of the watches, the weather information is presented in a chart so you can easily see if it's going to rain over the next few hours. Handoff to the appropriate screen in the app to see the full weather forecast for the coming days.
The app has a lively feel and is easy to use. The use of animations throughout the entire app helps you to quickly see if you will need to bring an umbrella.

Buienradar provides you with actual weather information and reliable weather forecast to better plan your activities during the day. The app lets you configure to your own preferences to have all required weather information available in one swipe.