Beyond Sports

Virtual Reality solutions for professional sports teams

Beyond Sports builds Virtual Reality simulations of real soccer matches, based on real match data. These simulations are viewable through the Oculus Rift or mobile VR. On top of the match simulation engine, we have developed different tools to be used for pro match analysis, custom tailored training programs and fan experience. All in Virtual Reality.
Alkmaar's football club premier league AZ has signed a longterm agreement with Beyond Sports about the delivery of Virtual Reality software for the AZ youth. The software offer the teamgame simulations based on actual game data.
Beyond Sports the award for best technical achievement at the Dutch Game Awards.
Wired wrote a long read about our philosophy, what we are building and about the current state of the soccer market.
A review of our SXSW talk: Acing the sports game with the Oculus Rift. We had our Lead Concept and Creation Robert Overweg, Lead technology Jordi Bruin and Head of Talent Development Ajax Ruben Jongkind, in a panel discussion about the possibilities of VR for sports. For both athletes and consumers.

Custom Scenarios

Beyond Sports creates custom training scenarios in consultation with clubs and coaches. These interactive training scenarios are used to educate youth players according to the tactical ideas of the club or coach.

Match Analysis

Relive the entire match or specific match moments from any perspective. Analyze the match through the players eyes, from a tactical topview, or even from the opponent's perspective. The match data can be used to visualize distances, team formations, player speeds and more.

Fan Experience

Fans can visit the match in Virtual Reality, and even relive match highlights through the eyes of their favorite players. Would you have passed the ball? Experience what it’s like to be on the field yourself. The highlights are viewable on consumers’ smartphones, with the use of a Google Cardboard.

Ze wanen zich in een 3D-omgeving in een stadion, ze spelen virtueel mee met wedstrijden van AZ en Barcelona. Ze zijn een van de spelers en moeten keuzes maken. Zo zijn ze continu bezig met cognitie, met inzicht, spelbegrip.
Beyond Sports is exploring the opportunity to transfer our insights and technology into other types of sports beside soccer. We are currently researching opportunities within the American Football, Cycling, Hockey and Ice hockey fields. If you would like to stay informed, send us an e-mail for information.