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We create warm human AI

We believe that design and technology make life much more enjoyable. Current AI fails to capture the human element of emotion in a subjective way. Everything is literal.
Most companies create AI's that act just like robots. It does not incorporate human values or emotions. We strive to measure real human emotions, to understand human intention and feelings objectively.
“Apps and brands should have their own digital personality. Because people simply prefer to interact with a personality, rather than with plain, cold technology.”


MyAI is a supervised machine learning platform that is trained to recognize emotional responses from humans. It detects and predicts both emotions and feelings.
Through the use of machine learning and word2vec we are able to create a visual classification of different content and consumers.

Based on its previous experience, when MyAI is shown a new image it is able to decide which emotion the image conveys.

Chatbot Wozzy

Contextual communication, a form of dynamic intelligence, is what will make chatbots a revolutionary technology.

The Wozzbot delivers a personal experience. It also welcomes your clients, answers general questions, helps you remember, and is never judgemental. Consequently, Wozzbot’s human colleagues will have more time to help clients who have more complex questions.

Our two requirements:

  • Users get in contact with your brand in a unique way by interacting with a chatbot

  • Users feel that it empathizes with them and understands the context of your situation


The Dutch sentiment analysis subjectively measures the emotional fingerprint of text and shows both well- and underperforming topics.

Also, it labels topics automatically. What we need: chats, messages, journeys and/or subjects.
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