A clear, beautiful and sensorial overview.

Heineken International

Heineken is the number one brewer in Europe and the number three worldwide (by volume). With recent acquisitions in Africa, India, Asia and Latin America, Heineken is continuing rapid growth and constantly increasing their presence within emerging markets.

Affligem beer

Led by the Heineken® brand, the Company has a powerful portfolio of more than 250 international, regional, local and specialty beers and ciders, including Affligem. is a mobile first and easy to navigate platform with useful brand information, expressing the beauty of the beer and the brand itself.
“The animations and the multilingualism of the site were a nice challenge. It’s interesting to work on brand-specific animations.”
Rob Kiebert
Developer Triple


In 2016, Affligem launched the new visual identity, with a strong focus on sensorial feeling and the so-called body (beers) and soul (history/ritual) of Affligem, with the goblet as the hero item. Kingsday has developed a new design platform that meets the goals and enables the Affligem brand to engage with the target audience in a relevant way with both content and services.


Triple has developed 14 responsive templates based on Kingsday’s designs. Besides implementing the designs Triple developed open graph tags in all templates for social sharing and cinemagraph animations such as a glowing logo, bubbles in the goblet and parallax effects.


Umbraco’s support for multi-market, multilingual sites is applied to Affligem’s platform, enabling a roll out to 12 markets while supporting multiple languages using Latin and non-Latin characters. Local markets have granted access to only those parts of the CMS needed to service their own local marketing needs. SEO requirements such as vanity and friendly URLs, URL mapping and full SSL support will be met by using Umbraco’s built-in and plug-in capabilities.


The platform is hosted on Azure, according to Umbraco best practices, ensuring the platform is both easily scalable in terms of computing power and highly available. Adding Azure CDN, front end delivery optimization and server side caching increases the end user’s experience, further ensuring a proper sensorial experience.
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